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Local Government Procurement

Opportunities from Cheshire West Council, Cheshire East Council and Warrington Borough Council can all be found on the opportunities section of the Find It website.

Councils in the area spend upwards of £500m per year, so make sure you're up to date with the latest opportunities in the Cheshire and Warrington area.


Local Government Tendering Process

Depending on the price of the purchase the council's procurement procedure varies:

Purchases below £10,000

The Council will require at least 3 emailed or telephone quotations. (May be requested via the 'Chest' also, the regional e-tendering portal)

Purchases between £10,000 and £75,000

The Council requires at least 3 competitive written quotations. (All contracts above £10,000 must have a signed contract in place with the Council)

Purchases above £75,000

Tenders will be advertised on the tender opportunities section. The Council will carry out a rigorous tendering process and if the value exceeds the current EU thresholds the procurement will be carried out in accordance with European Procurement Rules.

Doing business with Councils in Cheshire and Warrington

Cheshire West Council

The Council spends approximately £260m a year on a range of goods, works and services from third party suppliers. Obtaining best value is an essential requirement and one that cannot be achieved without the support of all our suppliers.

For more information see the Selling goods, works and services to the Council section on the Cheshire West site.

Cheshire East Council

Cheshire East Council has a devolved procurement structure and as such the sourcing, tendering and purchasing, of goods and services are decentralised. Cheshire East does not operate an approved supplier list; however some services do operate select lists.

For more information see the Doing Business with Cheshire East Council page.

Warrington Borough Council

Around £150m each year is procured through external providers who deliver a range of goods, services and work for the council and its customers. The information provided is based on practices within the council and follows standard practice throughout local authorities and central government.

For more information see the doing business with Warrington Borough Council page.


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